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Sexual Codes

1.8Indicate whether each of the following studies is an experiment or an observational study. If it is an experiment, identify the independent variable and note any possible confounding variables.(a) A psychologist uses chimpanzees to test the notion that more crowded...

Violence by sex

What do you think might be done to significantly decrease the incidents of violence by sex, gender, or sexuality? Why?Reference:• Is Biological Sex just biological?...

Race, class, and sexuality

Questions to consider for the analysis:What issues does the event or person represented in the film raise about the place of women, gender and sexuality in U.S. history?How are these issues represented in the film?What are key scenes from the film where these issues...

Sexual harassment policy

You are a captain in charge of operations within your police department. As part of your responsibilities, you supervise the human resources department. It has been brought to your attention that a complaint has been filed by one of the department’s female officers...

Etiology of the sexual acting out behavior

Choose one of the following movies from the list below. Decide on one of the characters (preferably one struggling with difficulties acting out sexually such as offending or other problematic sexual behaviors) Movie choices The Accused (1988); Dolores Claiborne...

“Since when can’t virgins be whores?”

Part I – Select ten from the list below. For each item, idea, symbol, phrase, person or event you select, identify the work and/or writer/director/thinker to which it is connected. Then briefly (1-3 sentences) explain the importance, significance, or relevance. A....
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