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Principle Of Tourism

Watch video first: In the module lesson, we explored food and beverage from a theoretical point of view. We know from previous lessons that tourism, including accommodations and food services, grew around transportation and the needs of travelers to rest and eat after...

Means of tourism

Analyze the various means of tourism (rail, automobile, and coach travel; airlines; cruise ships) to determine which sector you anticipate will grow the most in the next 20 years. Explain your rationale.


Write an essay on 1 of the following questions on Gulliver’s Travels(NOVEL). Make sure that you have a clear thesis statement in your introduction, one that states directly what your overall point is. Make sure also that you have a clear conclusion to your paper. To...

Travel and Transport, Inc

What does Travel and Transport, Inc., do?Describe the complexity and the competitive nature of the business environment in which. What were the main business challenges?List and comment on at least three main benefits of the implemented system. Can you think of other...

Ecotourism in Central America

  Ecotourism in Central America excluding Costa Rica. Whats the other five countries have to offer in relation to Ra and oceanfront ecotourism in general.        
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