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Indigenous Women

  a) What is/are the author’s main point(s)? What supporting evidence do they use? b) What is convincing about the argument? Where could the authors use more support for their claims? c) Evaluate the argument. In other words, what do you think? d) How does the...

Lady Audley’s secret as a looking glass.

For this journal, you need to respond, citing textual moment from this novel, effectively and clearly to the prompts. Using particular moments from the novel(Yes, have a work cited entry and parenthetical citations), how does lady Audley’s secret illustrate the...

Good will hunting

  Read Good will Hunting, be sure to finish that BEFORE this next part of the assignment: After you have read the screenplay please rent the movie and watch Good Will Hunting. It is important that you read the script FIRST. You will be asked to write a 3 page...

History of the English Language

Carefully, go through the three English translations of the Parable of the Sower (the final one will be the easiest to understand). In 500 words describe some of the linguistic changes between the three passages. You may focus on any two aspects of language –...

Insert commas , apostrophes, and semicolons

    Place a C next to the corresponding number if no punctuation is necessary. ( 1-10) 1 . As Davids sister announced her graduation ceremony several of her brothers appeared to be jealous and upset about her exhilaration. 2. Many of those parents are...

Vocabulary Development

    Create an antonym map or chart for each of the following words:agility, eminent, accrue, arbitrate, benign, guile, obstinate, frugal, and duress. You should illustratethe meaning of the vocabulary words with a description of one of the characters from...
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