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Field Observation Analysis

      Observe the interactions between the teacher and the students, and the interactions between the students, during classroom activities, such as instruction and free time. The field observation guidelines provide a structure for your observations....

Individualized Education Programs”.

    When a child is eligible for special education services in the public school setting, an Individualized Education Plan must be written. The IEP covers various areas including a child’s present levels of performance, identified measurable annual goals,...

Strategic planning in k-12 education

    Describe the roles to be filled in developing a strategic plan for k-12 education. Is there a hierarchy of roles? What strategies would support the roles? What might make the roles more complicated? Explain your answers....

Education levels

    Consider a one-way ANOVA result where F-obtained is 3.97, = 3, = 20 and alpha level = 0.01. Find the F-critical for this test. Do we accept or reject the null hypothesis? Explain your conclusion.     Does the ideal number of children for a...

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Special Education

    Read: Klinger et. al (2015).Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Special Education, in Bateman, p. 110-129. Klinger, et al also discuss demographics and the segment of the American population who are minorities and/or second language learners and who...

American Public Education Reform

  Write a proposal essay using the Classical Model of argument in which you address the question, “What needs to be done to reform public education in the United States?” I also am in need of the outline. The outline is due on Monday and the essay is due on 12...
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