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Theater and Film Adaptation

      1. What effects can come from the camera’s control of our gaze in a film? How can the direction of our eyes change or add to the text? Give examples. 2. Where does the 1948 Laurence Olivier adaptation shine in bringing to life the text and...

Electric Vehicles.

    Provide a solid understanding of the idea of the emerging industry, electric vehicles. 1) Identify the current state of the market for your chosen emerging industry on the continuum of visionaries, early adopters, and followers. Assess what is...

Global Trade and the mode of transportation

    Last time you wrote the research on Global Trade and the mode of transportation (3 main questions by 7 sources total). This time I want you to answer the questions below for EACH source: 1) What is the source about, or what is the author’s point? 2) How...

World Oil and Gas Corporation

    World Oil and Gas Corporation completes construction of an offshore oil platform and places it into service on January 1, 2018. World Oil and Gas Corp. is legally required to dismantle and remove the platform at the end of its useful life which is...


      Q1) Choose an appropriate two phase (gas-oil) vertical separator size (as per API 12J) for an application with the following input parameters: [5 Marks] Q2) The presence of oxygen concentrations greater than 5 ppb in waterflood operations can...

Construction of a Railway

  Problem 1: Horizontal Alignment (5 marks) A 4-lane road (2 lanes in each direction with no median separation) has a circular curve with a superelevation of 5% and a central angle of 50 degrees. The CT of the curve is at station 8+880 and the PI is at 8+806. The...
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