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Upon completing the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory my score was 51, which signifies it is an unhealthy workplace. There are various factors as to why my workplace is unhealthy, starting with staffing. We are consistently short staffed, and nurses must suffer the consequences leading to high nurse to patient ratios. Unfortunately during the recent rise of the Omicron Variant we had up to 13 patients each in our covid unit. Management does not take the effort needed to hire more staff despite current staff voicing concerns. “Healthy work environments, which are cultivated through open and purposeful communication among interprofessional groups, support optimal care delivery and ensure positive patient outcomes.” (Kleemeier, 2020) Management has also been poor at my hospital, constantly changing with revolving new faces. Our current leadership is ineffective and not supportive. Instead, we are faced with stressful work environment, workload, and demanding urgent patient needs and the obligation to promptly act when the patient rings the call bell, with everything else we are juggling with during our shift. It is leadership’s responsibility to ensure a health, nurturing work environment. “The quality of leadership is considered important because it influences employees’ job satisfaction, job turnover and health” (Vidman & Strömberg, 2020) Creating a healthy work environment enables the nurse, to provide their full potential, increase patient care quality, and less incidents. “Where structural empowerment exists, that is, where work structures are put in place that promote empowerment, it has been shown to promote job satisfaction and reduce burn-out in nurses” (Gottlieb et al., 2021)

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