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You have been hired by a small book-publishing company, and you want to come up with an
original nonfiction book that will be successful. The book will be marketed primarily as a print edition, but it will
also be available as an e-book and audiobook. You decide to ask someone you know to write the book –
someone who is knowledgeable about a topic that could be used for the book.
Answer each of the following questions about your ideas for this book.

  1. Briefly describe the book’s content by providing the proposed title and a brief outline.
  2. Who would the author be and what qualifies the person to write this book? The author could be a friend,
    relative, acquaintance, or it could be you. Identify the author fully, including the person’s name and how you
    know that person.
  3. How would you promote the book to the public? If you choose to have book signings, where will they be
    held? If you decide to run advertising, where will it appear? Be specific and provide a minimum of two ways
    you would promote the book.
  4. Describe the front cover of the book: Will it include an illustration, such as a drawing or photograph? If so,
    describe the illustration; if not, explain why not. What kind of lettering will be used – large or small, simple or
    fancy? What colors will be used, and where on the cover will they be used?
    Example: The cover of the book will be a full-color, soft-focus photograph of a green landscape with a clear
    blue sky. The book title will appear in large, simple dark blue letters, all capitals, near the top of the front cover
    above the photo. The author’s name will appear in smaller dark blue capital letters in the same lettering style
    as the title, but near the bottom of the cover below the photo.
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