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The responsibility of the VA (veterans’ affairs) department is to facilitate the provision of vital services such as healthcare coverage, access to the national cemeteries, and other benefits programs for American military veterans. Through this VA program, most veterans are able to receive coverage and services that are tailored to serve their numerous needs, thus a representation of the nation’s appreciation of their services. These VA services and benefits for the veterans should always encompass disability compensation, the education of veterans before they are ushered into the society, home loans, vocational rehabilitation, burial services, trainings, and healthcare provisions.

With implicit understanding of the various issues such as body injuries and mental problems affecting veterans, the VA organization could facilitate better service provision to the various retired war veterans (Borges et al. 2020). Having undertaken the assessment of the issues impacting most of the veterans upon their retirement, the formulation of the following assessment questionnaire could aid in the identification of existing gaps that the VA could utilize to improve their service offering. The collection of the data attributing to the indicated questionnaire calls for implicit inquiry and thus, participation of the various veteran soldiers selected in the community. Through their participation, any organization like the VA would be able to gain first-hand information/data concerning the veterans’ issues.

i) How would re-education programs aid in the transformation of veteran soldiers to adopt other professional skills?

ii) Will counseling and psychiatric care services be essential in eradicating the emergence of PTSD and trauma that are prominent amongst most veterans?

iii) What could the VA implement to improve upon the re-introduction of the veterans into the society after their long service periods?

iv) Should veteran soldiers be offered jobs in the security sector due to their prior professionalism, and if so? How will the US gun control policies affect them?

v) What should be done to reduce violence among veterans affected by PTSD after their war experiences?

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