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A research proposal that can be submitted for a grant or fellowship (e.g., Ford pre-doctoral fellowship, NSF pre-doctoral fellowship), as part of a graduate school application (e.g., writing sample, research agenda), or as part of an application for a Post-Bac research position.
A community-research partnership or community-university partnership, where you identify a community need and a community partner (e.g., School, community center, coffee shop, park association, non-profit agency, rehabilitation center, parent/family-oriented organization) and develop a proposal that you would present to that community partner as a pitch or to a funding agency that could help you and your community partner carry out the proposed initiative.
Imagine you are already working in an organization/program and are looking for funding from different avenues (e.g., government, foundations, or individual donors), write a grant proposal to fund your proposed program or service.
You can also write a call to action or letter to a policy stakeholder (local, state, or national) advocating for a specific action in and effort to address factors placing youth at-risk.

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