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Compare and contrast one Impressionist and one Post-Impressionist.

Choose three examples for each artist, preferably from his/her early, middle and late career.  Describe the works of art thoroughly. Look for information about  iconography in books, articles and the museum websites.
Then compare and contrast the Impressionist’s works to the Post-Impressionist’s work.
What is paramount in this exercise should be the demonstration of your ability to discuss Impressionism as a movement and two individual artists who participated in the movement, using notes from lectures, films, articles and books assigned to the class, plus books, articles, online resources, films and etc. you found on your own.
•    Analyze 3 examples by each artist, using at least two methods covered in class.
•    Enlist at least 4 sources (minimum: one book, two websites and one article).
•    At least 10 pages, but no more than 20.
•    Be mindful of your sources’ points of view: present them, synthesize your findings and then try to arrive at an original interpretation of the evidence.
•    Demonstrate your ability to use the art history methods discussed and practiced in the daily posts.
•    Be sure to focus on the art – a short biography of one or two paragraphs is sufficient.  Please do not write a biography that refers in passing to the works of art.
•    The paper should reflect your ability to analyze a work of art, a group of works by one artist and the oeuvres of two different artists.

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