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Compare two alternative country media environments and the way in which social and cultural diversity is approached in media policies and institutions

One of the countries should be China. Please let me know which country you will be choosing before you write the paper.

(Please use 2 of the books as references)
Essential Reading:

•    Bennett (ed) (1998) Multicultural States London: Routledge (esp Introduction and pp 253-266)
•    R. Tsagarousianou (2007) Diasporic Cultures and Globalization, Maastricht: Shaker.
•    Lentin and G. Titley (2011) The Crises of Multiculturalism: Racism in a Neoliberal Age, London: Zed D.
•    Hollinger, David A. Postethnic America : Beyond Multiculturalism. New York : Basic Books, 1995.
•    A. Lentin and G. Titley (2011) The Crises of Multiculturalism: Racism in a Neoliberal Age, London: Zed
•    Tomlinson,J. (1999) Globalization and Culture. Polity Press, Cambridge.

The Marking Sheet:

The assessment criteria that will be used in the essays are as follows:

Category    Maximum

Clear typescript       2.5
Accurate spelling and grammar       2.5
Adequate bibliography       5

Structure: a clear and logical structure with an                  5
introduction, main body, and conclusion.


Reading: evidence of a range of relevant reading. Two marks will be available for each adequate and pertinent citation up to a total of ten works.


Exposition: evidence of the clear presentation of the main ideas under discussion.



Evidence of an overall argument connnecting the material under discussion

Extent to which argument displays originality      15

Use of evidence to support the case being made      25
Total:    100

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