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conduct the exercise outlined and  critically examine your results, and write a thorough response about your experience.

go to the link  below this and learn “how to read gender ads” using Katherine Frith’s tripartite approach to reading advertising. These examplesillustrate Frith’s “Undressing the Ad: Reading Culture in Advertising.”


Once you’ve gained a basic understanding of “how to read gender ads,” conduct your own analysis of gender ads.click onto the link:

vintage “gender” advertisements from the late 1800s to the 1980s.  note the evolution of gender ads.
Once you’ve grasped the overall picture, go to “misc.  years” on that page, open it up and study the 18 ads posted. Select three ads, copy and paste them one at a time onto your page and conduct Frith’s three-prong approach for each ad:
1) The Surface Meaning
2) The Advertiser’s Intended Meaning
3) The Cultural or Ideological Meaning

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