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Course objectives

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Review the course objectives DESCRIBED BELOW. Reflect on your learning in this class in terms of each of those objectives. Do you believe that you accomplished all of the course goals? (YES) Are there any areas that you would like to learn more about? (COST AND PRODUCTIVITY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) Make a few comments about how you foresee applying the content of this course to your future APN role IN PRIMARY CARE.
1)The role of the advanced practice nurse in the development of a community health program, including proposing and analyzing policy was highlighted. For the development of policy, the definition of health and health disparities were reviewed. The concept of population health was reviewed in depth. The relationship between health promotion, disease prevention, and the approach to individual care was discussed. The economic reality of healthcare and how the APN can influence or be influenced by the Affordable Care Act.
2)Quality, safety, and risk management concepts. How ethical principles and decision making occurs in the context of population health. Examples of strategies to help transform the culture of an organization to include a commitment to safety and quality were highlighted.
3)Important examples of population health programs, such as chronic care and mental healthcare. Health services research is an approach to look at the outcomes of programs of this type. Specifics of health services research and how it is similar to traditional research models. The development of robust technological systems helped to support the development of credible studies in health services research.
4)The important work of the nursing profession in the development of educational programs to help support our understanding of population. In particular, the TIGER initiative for informatics. The global impact of population health was described. Opportunities for APNs in these global initiatives.
5)Multiple initiatives have provided advanced practice nurses opportunities to develop health promotion strategies for their communities,. As primary prevention becomes a goal of our healthcare system, the opportunities for intervention will increase dramatically.
6)Consider health promotion as your main focus in patient care. Even when you treat acute care patients, health promotion activities can always be integrated into your plan. We truly live in a global community and APNs continue to have an important role in that community.

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