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Critical Review One of the journal articles provided subject area journalism area sex and the media

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Critical Review of ONE the journal articles provided
Hatton, E., & Trautner, M. N. (2011). Equal opportunity objectification? The sexualization of men and women on the cover of Rolling Stone. Sexuality and Culture, 15, 256-278

Lamb, S., K. Graling and E. E. Wheeler (2013). “‘Pole-arized’ discourse: An analysis of responses to Miley Cyrus’s Teen Choice Awards pole dance.” Feminism & Psychology 23(2): 163-183
provide a review and develop an informed position in relation to the main issues discussed in either article
identify the key themes and arguments made in the article;
outline and critique
the research methodology; and, drawing upon other related research
develop an informed position about the issue of ‘sexualisation’ in media culture.
other articles that address the issue of ‘sexualisation’ in media culture, and, based on, these
Clearly state a position about the prevalence of ‘sexualisation’ in media culture.
Please include the following;
Summary of article: -Research question or main issue addressed in the article: what problem does the article address?
-Methodological approach: what did the author(s) do in order to come to their conclusions? -Key points made by the author(s); main conclusions drawn.
Summary of your position: -Any criticisms you have of the main conclusions made by the author(s) based on possible flaws in the methodology or analytical framework. -Discussion of what conclusions/arguments the author(s) make that you consider valid/well- supported. -Discussion of any conclusions/arguments you do not think are substantiated/well-evidenced in the article.
-Summary of your position in relation to the article: In developing this informed position in relation to the ideas discussed in your article, you should cite at least two other articles you’ve found that discuss similar research/issues. In other words, you need to demonstrate that you’ve read other research in order support your own critical assessment of the author’s(s) argument.
Writing/Research Minimum 10

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