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Cross-cultural creative communication (Gender issues)

Discuss why gender issues are important in creative
communication and show what marketers should take into
consideration when marketing a product, brand or service
across cultural boundaries.Support your answer with examples.

We have looked at culture in the unit and argued that all social activity takes place within a cultural context. So the gender differences (the assignment calls them gender issues) between men and women whether it is to do with consumption, shopping, buying, social roles, behaviours . . . all these take place or are situated within a cultural context. The two critical parts to the assignment are:

1. Whether these issues are important to creative communication (you need to come to a conclusion)

2. Marketing across cultural boundaries. Here you need to think about cultural differences. Like how you getting to konw the differences, and how you will advertise your products, or may change a little bit of your products for the different cultural. For example, if you are a manufacturer of women’s lingerie would there be differences to the way you could market these products in Australia and India?

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