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In your own words, what are the three steps defining racial discrimination?
What’s the difference between racial discrimination and a preference for race based on an occupational qualification? Provide an example.
List and define the six categories of discrimination in a business environment.
What are the main legal and governmental remedies set up against discrimination?
What kind of business may favor Asians when hiring, and draw both reasonable defenses and criticisms of the practice?
What is the utilitarian argument against racism in the economic world?
What are the three steps defining gender discrimination?
What are some of the causes of occupational segregation?
What is an argument in favor of some occupational segregation? What is an argument against occupational segregation?
What is comparable worth?
How might the existence of a career track dedicated to those who expect to rear children be criticized in ethical terms?
In your own words, explain the general definition of discrimination.

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