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Public Awareness Campaign Mental Health Disorders, focusing on Depression and Suicidal Episodes.

: You will prepare an ORIGINAL Powerpoint presentation on one of the following topics: A health promotion
campaign targeting an important health behavior; An analysis of an important health-related problem and
suggestions for intervention; or a critique of an existing health program with recommendations for
improvement. Project must be based on a minimum of SIX peer-reviewed journal articles. she want a literature
So I basically looked up 4 articles to summarize you just 2 more
Articles: Suicidal Ideation and aggression in childhood, genetic variation adult depression Authors Shirley Y.
Hill, Bobby L Jones, Gretchen L. Hass
Increase in Loneliness among young adults during the covid -19 pandemic and the association with increases
in mental health problems. Authors: christine m. lee phd, Jennifer M,Cadigan PHD and Isaac C Rhew PHD
Meta-analysis of suicide prevention programs for school-age youth
Authors Kristy L Brann Derek Baker, Mills K Smith- Millman, Sarah J watt Courtney Diorio
The suicide provention, depression awareness and clinical engagment program for faculty and residents at the
university of california, Davis Health
authors: jessica Haskins Celia H chang Carol Kirshinit Margaret Rea Jeffrey Uppington Peter Yellowlees

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