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Describe French and Raven’s theory of how leaders gain sources of power in your own words. (40%) Choose TWO well-known leaders (political, business, historical, fictional) and explain , using specific examples , how they use / have used these sources of

You should use a minimum of four academic references as well as appropriate non-academic sources such as company websites or good quality newspaper articles.
All sources should be referenced in text and there should be a Harvard style reference list at the end of your essay. No more than three short (maximum 2 lines) direct quotations should be used.
Essay Guidelines
‘Do’ and ‘Don’t’
Here is a list you may find helpful-
-Write an introduction with a) brief background to the topic, b)why it is important , and c) a statement of purpose –‘This essay will…’
-Start a new paragraph when you start a new idea.
-Write a conclusion with a short summary of your main points and a reminder of your argument.
-Follow the question carefully ! Check every paragraph you write to make sure it is relevant. Make it clear that you are addressing the question, don’t expect the reader to guess!
-Use your own words . (Unless you use a short direct quotation in quotation marks and reference it). If you do not do this it is plagiarism.
-Use cautious language – avoid ‘perfect’ and ‘always’ .
-Include at least 4 academic references as well as ‘Boddy’. You will lose marks if you do not.
-Reference all the ideas and information you use from sources in text. Even though you are using your own words, you are referencing the material , not the words.
-Check your reference list for mistakes- look at your ACAD notes or ‘myskills’ to help.
– Balance the size of your answer. The first part should only be about 1/3 of your essay.

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