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Background: Assume that there has been a data breach at your organization. The root cause was one of the following: Insufficient or weak user authentication, deliberate actions of a disgruntled employee, a server that was missing a critical security patch for 90 days, or a misconfigured SaaS program that was unknown to the IT department.

Topic: Select one of the possible root causes listed above and write a recommendation to senior management for addressing the problem. Suggest an immediate action that would need to be taken, then attempt to persuade management to support a project to address the root cause. Address at least one regulatory reason for action, one ethical reason, and one reason based on industry standards. Knowing that this effort would be too early for accurate financial numbers for a project, include one paragraph that would address three key financial impacts a project would have on an already fully committed IT budget.

Mechanics: This portfolio assignment has a target word length of 2,000-2,500 words. It must be in APA format. Due to the length, an Abstract is not required. The word count excludes the Title Page, Reference Section, and any appendices you may desire to add. A minimum of 3 scholarly resources must be used. To qualify as a scholarly resource, the resource must be a peer-reviewed article published in a journal in the field related to Digital Forensics.

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