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Dissent Theory Profile

Dissent Theory Profile Chapter 3 provides an illustrative, not exhaustive list of theories that help explain
organizational dissent. Beyond these, what other organizational communication,
management, organizational behavior, and/or human resources theories explain
some facet of dissent?
For this assignment you are being asked to reflect upon
theories you have studied in other courses (either business or communication).
Then you are to choose one of those theories and describe how you believe it too
works to explain the phenomenon or process of organizational dissent.
In the essay, then, you must do the following:
Clearly name and identify (the discipline from where it came) the theory you
have chosen.
? Provide a detailed description of the theory you have chosen.
? Discuss how the theory explains some aspect of organizational dissent (e.g.,
why people feel the need to dissent, why they might choose certain ways of
dissenting or audiences to hear dissent over others, etc).
? Provide the appropriate in text citations and reference information for the
theory discussed.
For this assignment, you must choose a theory that is not used in the chapter.

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