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Respond to 4 of the first 6 questions.Write each answer as a fully developed paragraph (at least one), with examples and quotes carefully identified, separately numbered. (Due Fridays)
1.    Analyze Nora’s problem, and Nora’s role in that problem. Use support from the play.
2.    Analyze Ms. Warren’s problem, and determine its causes. Use support from the play.
3.    What is the trick of ‘six characters who need (?) to search for an author’ — and why does Pirandello dramatize this ‘dramatic’ human condition?
4.    What is the meaning of Wilson’s fences? Illustrate.
5.    How much do the troubles of Nora — or Helmer — seem like ones you can recognize today? Or have social conditions changed?
6.    How much is/are the problem(s) of Mrs Warren relevant today? Why?

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