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Interview two early childhood educators/practitioners and find out how the classroom activities they use promote an anti-bias environment. Based on the information, prepare a one page summary of their comments. Add your reflections to what you learned.

(1) When you are interviewing the two early childhood/practitioners please include a made up name for the two of them. And also cite some information from the interviewer that they mention doing their interview in the paper too. And Practitioners first name is ok, setting in which the practitioner works, and number of years of teaching experience is included.

(2) Examples of anti-bias classroom activities that are used by each (approximately 3 for each practitioner). So the total will be 6 for both of the two practitioners

(3) Your reflection discusses whether you feel the activities meet the criteria for anti-bias education, and why or why not. Refer to the text and other resources in your reflection.

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