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You are a Project Manager at Lightning Fast and have been tasked with project managing a small team to create a brand new roller-coaster experience! Your goal is to ensure visitors have an amazing experience by delivering a successful project, whilst creating business “value” for Lightning Fast.
Recent visitor surveys have reported that a new “thrill” roller-coaster ride is needed to entertain adults and children over the age of 15 years which will provide an alternative ride to the Lightning Rod rollercoaster. Senior management at Lightning Fast want the new roller-coaster to have at least one unique feature that will be a differentiator to UK competitors such as Alton Towers and Legoland.
This assignment requires you to produce a report (1500 – 2000 words) for the new roller-coaster ride which addresses the following:
Part A (500 words):

  1. Critically review your own ability (strengths and weaknesses) to manage projects in general. This section can be written in either the first-person or third-person – your preference – and is not based on Lightning Fast.
    Part B (1500 words):
    Devise a project which outlines a new roller-coaster ride that addresses the following:
  2. Traditional, Agile, xPM and MPx considerations
  3. The five stages of a PMLC (project management life cycle) model for the project
  4. Any project planning considerations & an outline of how you would manage and control the project
  5. Project risk management & managing any potential scope creep
  6. Project stakeholder management & managing client expectations
  7. How you would close the project and transfer any relevant learning to future projects
  8. Create a simple precedence table with up to ten project tasks, a Network Analysis chart and a Gantt chart in Project Libre for the new roller-coaster ride using Project Libre. Copy these two Project Libre charts and your entered Project Libre precedence table into your assignment. Ensure the critical path is identifiable in your Network Analysis chart.
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