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ENG 300

Home- Assignment #2 Guidelines

Using the designing and formatting skills discussed in Chapters 17 and 18,
design different technical documents . You can refer to the Multimedia (T1 Designing Documents>> T1 2 Designing Documents) in the Writing Lab.

1) Design a Brochure OR an Instructional document on ONE of the following topics.

? Genetically engineered foods
? Disposal of solid waste
? Diets and Dietary supplements


• You must include all the necessary information in the document.
• Add bold or special fonts where necessary.
• Add graphs, charts, tables, pictures or other visual elements as necessary.
• Choose fonts carefully, considering the content.
• You will be graded on your creativity and the format (final appearance) of your printed document.

? The assignment must be printed on ONE page / two sides (this is part of the formatting challenge).

? Please insert your name, student number, date and section number on the assignment.

? This assignment should be submitted in class in HARD COPY.

Late assignments will be penalized at a rate of 2% per day. You must write in your own words. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE or borrow words or ideas from other sources without properly citing your source. Any form of academic integrity violation in the completion of this assignment will result in the application of ADU’s AI policy.

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