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choose any medical topic that we will be going over during the class
semester. Review your book for topics. You will then construct a power point presentation that is at
least 20 slides. The Presentation needs to be in APA format.
Below are the requirements for the Research Assessment.
• Students will choose a Topic in Healthcare today.
• Students will clearly state the issue and give historical background on the topic.
• How does your topic relate to the Affordable Care Act?
• Does your topic reflect Managed Care or Health Insurance? How?
• How does the Medical Workforce impact your topic?
• Discuss cost, access, class system and your topic.
• How does the Government play a role in your topic?
• Discuss Information Technology and your topic.
• Discuss Ethical Issues and Legal Issues in Healthcare and your topic.
• What is the future of your topic?
• List at least 3 references from scholarly sources. “Wikipedia” does not count as a scholarly

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