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ethical cases will offer the students information about a potential ethical situation or dilemma a clinician/counselor might face. This will allow for the student to utilize critical thinking skills where they can evaluate how they would handle the case as a future clinician/counselor. After reading the ethical cases posted, the student is encouraged to share their thoughts and reactions to the ethical cases noted. Students should consider the following Questions to Ponder~ although all of these questions are not mandated to be part of your discussion answer or response:

What are the ethical implications or issues noted with this client case? So, there an ethical issue in the case?
If so, did the professional behave in a manner which is consistent with current standards and principles based on the readings?
If not, what other courses of action would be deemed more ethical practices? Thus, what is the basis for that conclusion?
If the professional fails to act responsibly and his or her misconduct is reported to a disciplinary body, what kind of action do you believe that body should that in this type of case?
If the professional behaved unethically but the conduct is never reported to any disciplinary body, what action(s) if any, do you believe should be taken to help undo the damage?
What should I do as a future clinician/counselor to make sure I maintain the appropriate code of ethics and boundaries where I do not violate these codes?
/counselor, what do I believe is the best solution for caring for, serving and advocating for the client?

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