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Evaluataion report;


Length: 3400 words
You are required to evaluate a specific language learning website (containing language learning activities and exercises) and write a report on the evaluation of the website.


You should conduct a systematic evaluation of the website with your knowledge of evaluation methods and instruments and write a report describing the strengths and weaknesses of the website and suggestions to improve the quality of the website.
•    As a part of the evaluation report, you should include 2-4 screen shots of the website and give a comprehensive description of the website in your own words. (Description)
•    You should highlight main issues for language learners and teachers in using the Website and suggest how to use the Website in the language classroom. Also, clearly specify a language learning/teaching environment in which the Website can be integrated and provide a lesson plan using the Website. (Integration)
•    You should submit your report together with all evaluation instruments/tools you will have used.
•    You are expected to use relevant references to support your arguments wherever needed.
•    This report must conform to the APA style. Failure to do so will result in deduction of marks. Check the referencing system carefully before you submit your report.

The contents (sub-headings) of the report should be in the following order:

1. Introduction
2. Description
3. Evaluation
3.1 Pedagogical aspects
3.2 Technical aspects
4. Integration
5. Conclusion

Appendix (if appropriate)

This assignment will be assessed using the following criteria:

Criteria Marks
1. Description of the website 10
2. Quality of analysis 20
3. Integration of the website 10
4. Overview and overall presentation 10
Total 50

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