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Explore the relationship between Hesketh’s score and the film of Moholy-Nagy’s sculpture to music

Response to a given question from thee seminar, 500 words long,
Seminar: Composing for Moholy-Nagy’s non-narrative experimental film? Ein Lichtspiel’
QUESTION: Explore the relationship between Hesketh’s score and the film of Moholy-Nagy’s sculpture to music

What we are looking for – and what we don’t want to see!
•    All work should be in your own words; quotations or paraphrases of sources must be acknowledged in the usual way, and a bibliography should be included at the end of each piece of work (N.B. the seminar itself should not be in the bibliography).
•    Sticking to the word limit is an important challenge for you.
•    The best marks are given to students who fully understood the talk, who write very well and who present a critical reflection that demonstrates an excellent understanding of the research area in question.
So how can I stick to the word limit?
•    Think about the key points mentioned by the speaker and decide which are most relevant to the question you’re asked. Focusing on the content of the talk is important: the question is based on the seminar, and therefore a generalised response is not going to get a good grade.
•    You do not need to mention that the speaker used particular presentational methods. Cut all expressions such as ‘He showed us a series of Powerpoint slides’.
•    We are not interested reading in your personal opinions of the topic or the speaker. Cut out all references to the talk being interesting, thought-provoking, boring or whatever. However, if you have comments to make about the seminars or the work you’re asked to do: we’re always happy to receive feedback and we do act on it.
•    ‘She went on to say that’: 6 unnecessary words in any piece of writing. Delete them!

How will the work be assessed?
We look for clear written English (clarity of discussion, organisation, correct spelling and grammar), quality of research, using a range of sources; an imaginative and focused response to the questions. You should write within 10% of the word limit (450-550 words for each piece of work).

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