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Field research assignment #1.

interview two win New York City ’50 ’35
obtain rudimentary assessment of their I social class status, then: functronal speciahzatton’wnhm.
the urban economic base, their job classification in the Urban Economy according to Relch, then
r conditions of work, their level of union organization and their degree of satisfaction in work.
You should also determine if changes in the Urban Economy have affected either of these
h” workers and how have they responded to those transformations. The workers interviewed should
remain anonymous and their answers should be documented accurately. Please submit a typed
v ._ gassessment of the worker’s circumstances in the Urban Economy using the data obtained in your
interview. The project must be completed independently.
I I The following questions are suggested to guide the interview. You may ask additional questions
“at your discretion.
1. What kind of work are you engaged in and how long did it take you to find this type of work?
2.. How long have you performed this work?
3. Did you require any Special education or training for your occupation?
4. How would you rank the importance of the tasks you perform?
5. How much authority and reSponsibility do you have in the performance of your job?
6. What are the financial rewards of your occupation? Any benefits?
7. Do you like your work? If yes, why? If no, why not?
8.. Do you think your work has dignity?
9. Do you have a system of seniority with your employer?
10. What is the average length of your workday? Do you have any breaks?
11. Do you have paid sick leave? Paid vacation time?
i 12. Do you have a retirement program with your employer?
13. Do you have a supervisor? How would you characterize your relationship?
14. Do you have a union?
15. Are you a member of your union? If not, would you like to. be unionized? Why?
16. Do you participate in union meetings? Elections? Activities?
17. Do you think your union fights for better wages, benefits, working conditions?
18. What do you think can be done to improve the circumstances of your employment?
19. What do you think can be done to improve your union representation
a 20. Is there anything you would like to add to describe the cirCumstances of your work?
21. Do you plan to continue working in your current occupation or do you plan to change to

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