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First Australian Lorian Casestudy

read the attached document, watch the youtube video. essay is to be written about First Australians – Indigenous Australians only. do not use the word Aborigine, us First Australians where you can.

1.    Draw from the information shared among your peers (I will provide others essays to guide you )what you require to prepare a Case Report on Lorian Hayes using the headings provided. The Case Report will be 1,000 – 1,500 words
Watch this Youtube clip of Lorians Story https://youtu.be/Y7I_6zAxRh0

Lorian is a 60 year old Aboriginal woman who lives near Ipswich. Lorian has been battling obesity for many years and has a number of co-morbidities that are compounded by her weight.

Lorian lives with her extended family, which includes three generations. She is studying for her PhD through the University of Queensland Medical School. She has conducted several research projects and has travelled the world speaking and educating about foetal alcohol syndrome for 30 years.

Lorian does not smoke tobacco or drink alcohol.
Headings for the Case Report

1.    Summary of the Case

Short and to the point summary of Lorians condition, her living arangements and what is present medical condition, and her Aboriginal heritage – Stolen Generation

2.    Prevalence of the condition/s within the Aboriginal population

Feotal Alcohol Syndrome, Obesity, Co-Morbidities, living with extended family, cost of healthy food for large families, remote areas and cost of food,

3.    Risk factors and the relationship between these and the Aboriginal population

Link between obesity and accident/injury, mindset and association with food – from times of slavery and rations, making food last longer and higher in fats and carbohydrates.

4.    Communication issues highlighted in the Case

Siblings 9 of were taken in the stolen generation lack of communication between mum and children. Also the cooking and lifestyle transferred from generations. She is communicatiog with her GP to reduce the number of medications she is taking.

5.    Historical/Political/Cultural Issues highlighted in the Case

Stolen Generation, being responsible for family – living with extended family and providing for all, note that they aren’t always blood related, in community they will take on others if needed.

List of Issues. (Remember you may identify issues that are not listed here).

1.    What is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and what is its prevalence within the Aboriginal population?
2.    Define obesity and what is the prevalence of obesity in the Aboriginal population?
3.    What are some of the health implications of obesity? (Remember to highlight the ones discussed by Lorian).
4.    What is the link between obesity and accident/injury?
5.    What are some of the social determinants that contribute to obesity in the Aboriginal community?
6.    What is the Stolen Generation?
7.    What does “mindset” have to do with weight loss, and how does this relate to Aboriginal people’s perceptions of health?
8.    What are Aboriginal people’s perceptions of hospital?
9.    This is the second example from an Aboriginal person suffering implications from anesthetic use.  Is there a documented link between complications from anesthetics and Aboriginal people?
10.    Lorian talked about being prescribed a large number of medications, How do Aboriginal people generally respond to prescriptions for large amounts of medications?

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