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formal business letter

In a 1 ½ page-2 page formal business letter, you will write an evaluation of a restaurant of your choosing.  Imagine that you have been hired as a professional outside consultant/evaluator by a store manager of a restaurant of your choosing.  She has asked you to write a review of the restaurant, explaining what is working well and what can be bettered.  Ultimately, the main purpose of the letter is for you make a recommendation about what should be changed.  Even if the restaurant is strong, there are always things that can be bettered.
Specifics of the Project:
For this document, your purpose is to inform your audience about the current state of the restaurant and its operations and to recommend changes that could be made to better the restaurant.
You will want to organize your letter around a set of criteria you used to evaluate the restaurant.  You need to make sure you explain why these are the important criteria and provide enough detail about your definition of the criteria that your audience knows what you mean when you write about things like “service” or “value.”
You will need to support your claims about the current workings of the restaurant with specific examples that you observed.

adopt the tone of a professional consultant, not one of a customer.  Imagine that your business is to evaluate businesses and to make recommendations.

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