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Global Business Directions

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see the attached files .

Based largely on the content of the speaker presentations which took place during the 3 day Conference, you will need to produce the following elements for your Portfolio:
1. A precis for 6 of the speaker presentations. These should be taken from the notes you made during the speaker sessions. (6 x 100 words – 600 words).
2. Choose one or more speaker topics and reflect critically on what they had to say. Identify how the information and knowledge you have gained could impact on future career decisions. (500 words – excluding references)
3. Choose one or more presentation topics which had the most impact on you and research it/them further using contemporary literature including quality press, professional journals and academic texts to explore the implication of the topic for senior management and corporate strategy. The topic may have been explicitly discussed by the speaker or it may be a topic inspired by elements of more than one presentation. (1200 words excluding references, diagrams and tables)

The portfolio will be reasonably presented and should include:
Contents page
Answers to the three sections detailed above
References and acknowledgements in Harvard style
Appropriate appendices to support your evaluations
Use of appropriate business language and presentation
Be written in a mature and professional manner, to an excellent standard
Demonstrate synthesis and integration
Utilise terminology appropriate to the topics and in a manner that indicates thorough understanding of business practices
Demonstrate achievement of the learning objectives

write as a female – International business management student

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