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IFYPO001 Government and Politics
Intake 2.2
January- August 2015

‘Long term influences such as social class no longer have a major impact on voting behaviour’ Discuss

1000 words

(20 marks, 10% of total marks)

Some advice on your coursework
There are a number of sources you can use in answering this question.
First, there is your textbook.
There are also 3 textbooks available as e-books. To access these go to http://intolearningcentre.co.uk/ then click on E-Resources and scroll down to Myilibrary/Political Science/See All.
You should see 10 ebooks. The three textbooks are:
Bill Jones et al Politics UK
Ian Budge et al The New British Politics
Mark Garnett, Exploring British Politics.
By searching the text you can find passages in the text which are relevant to your coursework.
In addition, you must undertake your own research. Do not rely exclusively on internet sources. If you use an internet source be careful to use reputable and reliable sources, and be careful to distinguish between sources that are detached and objective (such as a textbook) and “opinion pieces” (comment and opinion).
Another source is Politics Review in which you may find articles relevant to your coursework (it is available online at Phillip Allan Magazines; you should have the username and password)
Another source you can use is Moodle.
Two things that are very important are:
(i)    Avoid plagiarism; you must use your own words. This means that if you quote directly from a source (and you must not quote passages that are too long or quote too often) then the quotation must be put in inverted commas and the source properly referenced.
(ii)    Any conclusions you come to must be supported by evidence and argument.
Remember that your essay must be submitted through TUTNITIN. This is a plagiarism-detection tool. It is best if you submit your essay on TurnItIn well in advance of the final submission date. This will allow you to see if TurnItIn detects plagiarism and allow you to re-submit in time. Do not, however, think that if TutnItIn does not detect plagiarism this means it is OK; it may be that a student plagiarises a source that is not in the TurnItIn database. In that case your teacher will detect the plagiarism.
However, do not be afraid to use common phrases and expressions, or technical politics terms and phrases. The use of such common phrases is not plagiarism.

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