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Green Concrete

Project description
The essay will be an individual assignment of 1100-1200 words, and the topic will be related to the students major. Students will develop their own research question and select the essay genre from a range of formats presented. Maximum of 2 quotes permitted (15 words each). The number of sources used should be 4-6 (more than 6 sources used will result in a penalty); including one QU database and one book or e-book. All sources must be current within 20 years.
Week 15 Day 2 Must be submitted in paper form to teacher and e-copy to Safe Assign as well the pages from the original sources from which a student paraphrased must be printed or photocopied (with the paraphrased text high-lighted) and stapled to the back of the TP2.
A TP2 that is missing either a Safe Assign Submission or high-lighted original texts will not be graded.

Civil Engineering

Green Concrete
Saoud Alshamsi
Michael MC Kenzie
Qatar University

English 203: Example of Term Paper 2 Outline
Major: Civil Engineering
Research question: What are the benefits of green concrete?
Aim: The aim of this paper is to explore the benefits of green concrete.
Type of focus: Benefits.
Introduction elements (think of two hooks and choose one later):
Hook 1:  Define green concrete and explain how it could replace normal concrete.
Hook 2: When and where green concrete was produced for the first time.
Connecting information to thesis:
Point 1:  Materials used to produce green concrete.
Point 2: Green concrete experiments.
Point 3: uses of green concrete.
Point 4: Three benefits of green concrete.
Thesis statement: Three main benefits that green concrete could have, are that it reduces carbon dioxide emissions, is environmentally friendly, and sustainable.
Body paragraphs:
I.    Less CO2 gas

A.    Nowak (2008).
a.     Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
b.    Reduce the chance of global warming.

II.    Friendly to the environment

A.    Ramkumar (2013)
a.     Made of environmentally friendly material.
b.    Recyclable.

III.    Sustainability

A.    The first international conference on concrete sustainability (2013).

a.     Increasing durability and life span.
b.    Producing less concrete through better processes and systems.


Jepsen, M. T., Mathiesen, D., Munch-Petersen, C., & Bager, D. (2001, October). Durability of Resource Saving “Green” Types of Concrete. In Proceedings of the FIB-Symposium on Concrete and Environment. Berlin p. 257-265.
Nowak, R. (2008). Geopolymer concrete opens to reduce CO2 emissions. New Scientist, 197(2640), 28-29.
The first international conference on concrete sustainability. (2013). Concrete International, , 21-23. Retrieved from http://0-search.proquest.com.mylibrary.qu.edu.qa/docview/1462383882?accountid=13370
Ramkumar, M. (2013). On a sustainable future of Earth’s natural resources. Berlin: Springer

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