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Read your local (Hampton Virginia) newspaper, do an internet search, –locate a 2020 or 2021 court case based in the Hampton Roads/ Tidewater/ Historic Triangle area(s). Draft and post a summary orcase brief (in your OWN words) indicating:

Parties: Who are the Plaintiff(s)/Defendant(s)?
Court: (name & location) hearing the matter
Case History: Is this the first time the matter has appeared in court or is this on appeal?
Parties’ Objectives: What does each side hope to accomplish by litigating?
Rule of Law: What statute(s)/regulation(s)/ordinance(s) apply?
Issue(s): What is the legal matter presented to the Court?
Holding: What was the Court’s decision?
Reasoning: Why did the Court decide the way it did?
Personal Opinion: Do you agree with the Court’s decision? Why or why not?

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