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A SOAP note including diagnosis and any pertinent diagnostic tests. In addition to the subjective and objective findings include: past medical and surgical history, review of systems, family history, assessment, anticipatory guidance, health follow-up recommendations. Include a brief discussion of the pathophysiological processes involved in the patient’s diagnosis. List the ICD9 codes for the diagnosis and differential diagnoses.

review current literature and use sources in addition to the course text books to complete this assignment.

Nationally recognized professional resource guidelines including National Guidelines Clearinghouse are an important resource for your practice in implementing disease specific treatment. You must utilize at least one national guideline and other research references in your case study. If you do not, points will be deducted.

Explain the rationale for drug selection as a treatment recommendation. As is any patient interaction, do not, by action or omission of action, cause harm to your patient.

Case studies are intended as an adjunct learning opportunity to assist you in understanding the complex nature of assessing health conditions, prescribing medications, making treatment/follow-up recommendation, and gaining understanding of billing practices within the role of advanced practice nurse practitioner..

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