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For this assignment You must have the book and include apa style with in text citations from the book. You need Textbook:

Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte (2016). Who Am I in the Lives of Children? An Introduction to Early Childhood Education. Pearson Publishing. ISBN: 9780134148991. You must connect to the text at least three times and cite your sources. I do not have the book.

Assignment below

Based upon what you have learned from this course, for each of the following, please provide one well written “belief” statement that describes your views: should be 600 words

1. What must


2. Of the theories you have learned about, which theory do you believe is the best for centers to base their center philosophy on? Why?

3. How has this class influenced your beliefs about the most effective way to support children’s social-emotional development (social learning, identity and self-confidence)?

4. How has this class influenced your beliefs about the importance of promoting partnerships between programs, teachers, families, and their communities?

5. How has this class influenced your beliefs on what constitute “ethical and professional behaviors” for an early childhood professional?






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