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all the minor sub-theories that differ from the major theory.

  1. Document the historical perspectives of all major and minor theories. In what times did these theories develop? What major influences were happening in the world? Where did the theories develop (which nations) and what religious, political, technological, governmental, or other influences where taking place at the time. (Examples: the Industrial revolution, World War II, the invention of electricity or the automobile, etc…).
  2. Who were the leading theorist(s) of the major theory / minor sub-theory(s) and what influenced their decision-making processes? (Personal and educational backgrounds, religious indoctrination, political influences, etc…).
  3. Is there any prior literature related to the hypothesis of these theories? Is this a new theory or is it taking other theories and adding or subtracting variables from them?
  4. Describe all the evaluation methods used to support the hypothesis in each theory. (General observation, time period, numbers or quantity, race, gender, age, physical or mental capabilities, etc…). Specifically identify the dependent variable, the independent variable(s), and control variable (if used) within both the major and minor theories.
  5. Define each theory as a qualitative study or quantitative study? Explain why!
  6. Do you believe that the theorist /theorists have provided a persuasive argument for each of their theories? Why or why not?
  7. Using scientific methods of evaluation as your basis, describe the major “faults” associated with this week’s major and minor theories. Discuss the problems with both the evaluation process as well as the implementation of these theories. Simply put, what’s wrong with these theories?
  8. Find a recent crime, or deviant criminal behavior, that accurately portrays the hypothesis, variables / elements of this week’s theory. Discuss the influence that this theory had on that specific criminal act.
  9. Describe the policy implications for the criminal justice system that can be derived from the implementation of these theories. Specifically, list and then describe how these theory(s) influenced the criminal justice system of its day as well as our present criminal justice system.
    Questions #2, #5, #8, and #10 have historically taken the most research and time to answer correctly. While your textbook provides you with several policy inferences, it by no means lists all the possible implications. To answer this question properly, you will need to use other forms of research as well as your textbook. Simply put, this is where you show me that you understand the consequences of these theories and not your ability to list implications from the book.
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