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Implement your design by any web development language (e.g., PHP, HTML, JavaScript,
CSS, etc.); post your website on a web hosting site (e.g., x10hosting.com). Identify
functions for server-side scripting and functions for the client-side. Usually, data
validation type of functions (e.g., valid email address format, valid phone number format)
should be on the client side so that wrong data input from users will not be transmitted to
the server and therefore save the network traffic and processing time. Client-side
scripting programs’ source code is visible to clients. When you want to hide your source
code from the users or when you need to save records on the server, you will need serverside scripting like PHP, where your PHP code will be invisible to the whole world and
will generate dynamic HTML contents for web pages.
Hosting site such as x10hosting is acceptable, as it provides complete web hosting service
package with full control to the web developers. Using hosting sites such as WIX is NOT
allowed, due to the fact that such sites don’t give you full access to your website source
code files and configuration files; they don’t support server-side scripting, such as PH

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