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You work at a high school as a teacher delivering courses for building computer skills. In addition, you help to
support the computing needs of the high school working with the one IT person who recently accepted a job at
a different school. The high school is in the process of hiring a new IT person. The timing could not have been
worse as the high school is involved in a big project to improve their information systems and technology.
You were asked to join a discussion between the high school administration and information system vendors
on the information and technology needs at the high school based upon your background, education, and
experience. In preparation for the upcoming meeting, you received an e-mail from the principal with questions
about the project:
Why should we have separate databases and a data warehouse?
Why don’t we just have one large database for all our data, both current and historical?
How would we use a data warehouse, and how would it help this high school?
Are there other information systems we should consider?
How would a mobile wireless network impact the educational process here?
In a 1,500–1,750-word e-mail response, provide detailed answers to their questions including a
recommendation for the high school’s technology plan. Make sure your paper is written in the APA style and
fully supports your opinion and arguments you make. Cite any sources you used to support your argument

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