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Creating a journey map is an excellent way to visualize the process and stages of user interaction of services and understanding user’s experience. Create a journey map for a customer in the UAE who wants to buy a Smart Phone online. Highlight in the journey map at least 3 (pain points) areas where a problem/need might arise and suggest innovative designs/solutions for each one.
• The journey map should include the steps in details
• This is group assignment
• This assignment has 10 marks weight
• You need to submit your work at the end of the class via Turnitin on Moodle. Make sure your write your names and IDs on the first page of your submission.
Marking scheme/criteria:
• 4 marks for the journey map (at least four steps are visualized)
• 3 marks for identified problem areas (each has one mark )
• 3 marks for identified solutions (each has one mark)

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