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You are a Director of Security in an organisation which has national and international operations with multiple
stakeholders: clients-customers, suppliers, delivery partners, and local government administrations.
Recently, the strategies of some of those stakeholder organisations have conflicted with your organisation’s
own strategies – and vice versa.
It then became clear that your strategic team has insufficient awareness of and understanding of, the strategies
of those other organisations.
You have been asked to investigate how your organisation can develop appropriate knowledge and
understanding of the strategies of those relevant organisations, and how to respond to those strategies without
damaging either the strategies of the others, or its own.
Use heading for each task:
Task 1
1 Be able to analyse the planning and implementation of existing inter-organisational strategies.
Research theories of constraints, and use that to evaluate the restraints and constraints on the integration of
inter-organisational strategy.
Identify and assess the respective contributions – particularly related to policies, innovation, and intelligence
gathering – of participating organisations and administrations to the development and integration of interorganisational strategy.
Analyse the separate components – such as: the approach to strategic planning, ownership of strategies,
organisational culture – of the planning and implementation process and the impact of tensions between them
on the inter-organisational strategy and its implementation.
Drawing on research into organisational power and status, assess the impact of the inherent and respective
power and status of the participating organisations and administrations on the inter-organisational strategy and
its implementation.

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