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The book is The empire of humanity : a history of humanitarianism by Michael Barnett. The book review is already written. I feel like the sentences are very disconnected and clunky. Overall readbility needs to be improved and needs to be cut down to under 1500 words. It is currently at 1538. Cut down the summery a bit and add some more review.

Critrea for the book review is below.
Imagine you are writing this book review for the academic journal called ‘Law, Violence, and Humanity’. The readers of this journal are scholars like you who are interested in the Law, Violence, Humanity nexus. So when you are writing your review, ask yourself: why would this Law-Violence-Humanity audience be interested in this book? Your review is meant to give this audience an idea of how the book is relevant (or not?) to the broad field of ‘Law/Vioelnce/Humanity’ whilst also giving them a good idea of what it is about generally and what, according to you, its strengths, weaknesses or oversights are.

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