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Internet Banking soultions

Order Description

• Please be informed that the product or the service that is going to be used in this paper is about the online banking (internet banking )
• Use the attached report that has analysis based on a survey made in 2012 .
• As you see at page 22 you will find that most of customers are preferring to use internet banking channel rather than the other channels .
• The following below points are required to be provided .

1. Collecting Information and Forecasting Demand , analyzing markets ( use the attached report )
2. Identifying Market Segments and Targets ( assume that you have 3 segments mass consumer banking , affluent consumer banking , privet consumer banking )

3. Creating Brand ( assume that we are a new bank “HMY Bank” )
4. Competitive Dynamics
5. Setting Product Strategy (Designing and Managing Services)
6. Designing and Managing Integrated distribution channels ( Internet , ATM , Branch , call center , mobile banking )
7. Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications
8. Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Events and Experiences, and Public Relations
9. Managing the marketing effort
Please Note:
1- You can use different marketing plan templates as long as they cover the major elements.
• For guidance purposes, a minimum of 2500 and a maximum of 5000 words are expected in this plan
• Charts are necessary to be provided if there is any .
• Data from the attached analysis based on a survey that has made in 2012 is required .
• Any source that have been used must be cited, and must provide with me a soft copy of that source.

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