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Internship essay

First part:
Internship information:
Commonwealth STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) Industry Internship Program
The highlighted points:
Please provide an essay that includes a self-introduction, statement of academic and career goals, STEM related programs and experiences, previous work history and other pertinent data should be included. (500 words or less)  Please note, this is my first time applying to STEM program.
Background on my education and work history:
The George Washington University
Bachelor in Integrated Information, Science, and Technology, expected May 2013
Relevant Coursework: Java, Computer Networks, Data Structures, Database and Design
Current GPA: 3.9
Northern Virginia Community College
Associate of Science degree in Information Technology, May 2011
Honors: Phi Theta Kappa, Dean’s List (Spring 2010-Fall 2011), Certificate of Excellent Performance award
Activities: Contributed in managing campus community services and activities, completed voluntary customer service training

Abercrombie & Fitch
Marketing Assistant and Sale Associate
•    Prepared marketing materials to attract new customers
•    Assisted manger and staff with designing and implementing social media marketing strategy
•    Planned multiple events, including special promotions and employee meetings
•    Provided suggestions about merchandise display in order to promote sales and attain high customer service ratings

Immigration Help Service Law firm
Administrative Assistant )
•    Provided customer support in busy call environment, handled routine matters, and referred issues to appropriate staff personnel
•    Assisted in scheduling attorney-client meeting, and maintained daily appointment calendar for attorneys
•    Managed high-volume workload within deadline-driven environment, processed documents as assigned, and maintained office records
•    Provided administrative support for office including photocopying, maintaining client mailing address labels, and ordering and distributing office supplies
Sales Associate and Administrative Assistant
•    Assisted customers in select merchandise based on preferences and needs, listened attentively, resolved complex issues creatively to achieve positive outcomes and win customers loyalty
•    Processed sales transactions and returns, and ensured that all related documentation was accurate and complete
•    Coached new employees on using cash register, and on developing sales skills
•    Coordinated with other store branches to seek information about merchandise availability
•    Maintained cash register and performed related tasks including depositing and counting money
•    Managed inventory for various departments, and updated monthly inventory spreadsheets

Second Part: (this part is separated from the above)
Computer Skills:
Please list your specific computer hardware & software skills: i.e.-MATLAB plus your level of proficiency
(200 words or less)

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS (I’m not sure what more to add here. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.)
Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Windows XP, and Windows 7
Programming skills in HTML, Database, and Java

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