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Internship Portfolio Paper

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It is very important that you follow my instructions and if you have any questions to communicate with me. This is a very important paper to me. This is an internship portfolio paper. I need you to act like you worked in a law firm for the past 3 months and write about it in this paper. If you would like to look at the law firm i did my internship at here is the website http://www.smaililaw.com. I will list further instructions below. please follow instructions. I need you to demsotarte work you did in the law firm and also demonstrate to practices in communication that happens in law firm.

COM 490: Internship Portfolio Requirement

An internship portfolio consists of three parts: Part One and Part Two consist of your samples of work such as artifacts, observations and reflections related to each of the stated objectives of your internship respectively.
Part Three consists of a narrative or interpretation of all the materials in the first two parts to demonstrate your progress in learning to practice communication. Please relate to one or two communication theories pertinent to what you learned in the workplace.
Document all the sources used in APA or MLA both inside your paper and at the end of your paper. Attach any documents you feel necessary.

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