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ISO 9000 or ISO 14000 implementation

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our report should include the following (topics are described in section 5 below):

1.1 Executive Summary:

One-page summary of your paper (not considered as part of the 5 page limit of your document). This has to be brief, sweet, and to the point. It is directed to executives in the company and must be targeted towards catching their attention. If Bill Gates reads this executive summary, he may decide to read the whole document or to discard it based on this page. This is a short description of your project with a “Sales” pitch. It is recommended that this is the last thing that you’ll write from your report.

1.2 Introduction:

Provide background on the company and the technique researched. Describe briefly the theoretical fundamentals of the OM technique, however your main focus must be on the technique and the company researched.

1.3 Report Body:

For this section, you develop the specific topic/company that you presented as part of the introduction section. Also, explain how the technique is applied in the company you’ve researched.

DO NOT copy the information on the technique from the class textbook. I am not interested in reading the information that is contained in our textbook; I am very interested in reading about your research and the specific real world application.

1.4 Conclusions: This section is self explanatory. As always, this section is the one where you show how much you really learned from this research. A lot of attention will be given to this section.

1.5 Bibliography and Appendices are not considered part of the 5 pages in you report. These references must be included as part of your report. These include printed copies of your research and data/graphs that backup your research. This is also very important for your report�s grade.

Add as much information as you can to support your research. Include web page, books and magazines used in your investigation.

Note: A professional looking report is expected from the students of this class. Needless to say that this report must be typed, double spaced and include all the supporting documentation that you found during your research (as part of the appendix).

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