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Language testing: Discuss and critique the appropriacy and usefulness of IELTS writing test methods for testing academic writing skills. Illustrate your response with reference to current theory relating to test development and validation procedures.

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1. Introduction (200 words)
2. Background: introduce the purpose and appropriacy or usefulness of the IELTS academic writing paper (300 words)
3. Critique the way the skill is assessed (1500 words include the following points):
3.1 Discuss the validity and reliability issue
3.2 Test specification
3.3 Practicality
3.4 Washback issue
3.5 Stakeholders’ views
3.6 Interactiveness and authenticity, and 3.7 The psychometric tradition of the test
4. Suggest improvements
5. Conclusion: there isn’t a perfect test
6. References (include the following references)
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