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LAW00114 Evidence

Order Description

The actual assignment question/problem is as per the Assignment Question (2015) for the Southern Cross University Unit – LAW00114 Evidence & Civil Procedure – a law degree unit.
Problem question
Length: 2,500 to 3,000 words (footnotes and bibliography NOT counted)
Submission method: Electronic copy only in a word document format
Due for submission by 11am, 2nd May 2015
Assignment objectives:
This assignment requires you to:
• apply the legal rules to a concrete, detailed (and fictitious) case study;
• determine which factual details are (or might be) legally relevant;
• disregard ‘red herrings’ that are immaterial to the legal issues; and
• provide specific advice to the affected party(ies).
This assignment focuses on the rules of evidence: it therefore may cover material from any of
the first seven topics (1–7) in this unit but will not cover Topics 8 onwards. These topics are in the SCU Study Guide.
I can supply the actual problem question which makes up the assignment (although it is a 9 page document) and I can also supply the SCU study guide that lists the topics 1 to 7, surrounding Evidence Law and Rules of NSW. The referencing style must be from the Aust Guide to Legal Citation, 3rd Ed,. Further it will need to be an expert in Law in Australia (in criminal law on evidence admissability or not admissability) that does this assignment and it must be based on the Evidence Act in NSW of Australia. The text book that has been assigned to this unit of work is called Uniform Evidence, by Jermy Gans & Andrew Palmer 2nd ed, and so this and the SCU study guide must be used in the referencing and also they must be references related to NSW Evidence law (no international references).

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