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Learning style in UAE.

Purpose and Overview of the research: significant of the study, Hypothesis

4-Literature review

5-Research Design and Methodology: How did you do your project?, where did you go , detailed methodology , population, sample size, sample method, data-collection method(s), and methods of data processing and analysis.

Schools example: alwahdah private school in sharjah, Dubai national school in dubai – include this 2 schools
5-Analysis and Interpretation

Presentation, manipulation and interpretation of data as a logical whole
Provide maximum detail without being cluttered
Reader should be able to replicate the project (ex: in quantitative analysis reader should be able to compute data themselves with the information provided; in qualitative analysis enough detail should be provided so the reader feels like they have also made the observations along with you)
Must also share data that conflicts with your hypothesis
Must draw explicit conclusions based on details along with general conclusions
Mention all shortcomings and tentativeness of data

6-Summary and Conclusions:
Avoid reviewing every specific finding
Expand the more significant ones
Focus on the larger picture
End with future directions for the project

The research paper should be based on 5 interview include questionnaire with analyzing and coding the interviews

Code Qualitative data, please use coding for the interview

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